Event Details | G.R.O.W

Event TitleG.R.O.W. Goals. Reality. Outcome. Wealth.
Target Group(s)8th-12th Graders
Time Frame Based on School Size

Event Description | G.R.O.W

G.R.O.W. Goals Reality Outcome Wealth is an interactive financial literacy event. It is a hands-on event that allows students to experience all the ups and downs in adulthood. The students will be given salaries along with families. The students will receive ledgers that allow them to keep track of their income and expenses for the month. From there they will visit different booths including taxes, housing, transportation, childcare, and what if scenarios. The students will have to balance their life and make decisions on everything they will spend.


  • is engaging and interactive
  • gives the students the opportunity to visit booths, ask questions, and learn how they can grow throughout life.
  • is flexible and can accommodate any school size.
  • allows students to learn about financial literacy besides listening to a lecture
  • gives students the opportunity that compels them to make decisions whether it is putting a child in day care or buying groceries with their monthly income.
  • partners with expert business owners in the community that align with each category.

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