Money Success Planner Description

Money Success Planners are in hand books that teach students financial literacy. The planner provides a learning platform in which students receive instruction while, gaining both respect from self and others, and grasping the relevance of what is being presented. We believe that an increase in financial education for our leaders of tomorrow comes through active engagement and illustration of practical application. Simply stated, Money Success for Planners accomplishes this by presenting financial material that matters to today’s students. Planners come with a teacher’s edition, explainer videos, and pre and post test. Planners are available for grades K-12.

  • Clearly define the mechanisms of a budget
  • Create and maintain a budget
  • Dissect their own financial habits and discuss the effect on their lives
  • Understand basic banking services: checking, savings, checks, debits, etc.
  • Learn about credit and how to use it efficiently & effectively
  • Learn about debt, how to minimize and eliminate, apply and control it
  • Learn how to save, the significance of saving, and implement saving
  • Learn basic money management skills
  • Develop and shift to a successful mindset for money
  • Understand and implement the skills necessary for adulthood
  • Learn the skills needed to live within their means
  • Identify tools, agencies, and services that provide financial assistance for college
  • Learn the foundation of investments
  • Distinguish needs vs. wants
  • Learn how entrepreneurship leads to economic power

 • Teaches financial responsibility • Keeps tracks of progress • Creates a financial portfolio • Allows students to be creative

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