Our Foundation

Financial literacy is a long-neglected yet essential life skill that has been taken for granted, undervalued, and underexposed for decades. Utilizing a well-constructed, engaging and relevant curriculum can be successfully taught to adults at any level regardless of competency or exposure. Never Go Broke is well aware of the issues and desires to significantly fuel the engine for long-term change in order to produce financially stable adults. Our adults are experiencing financial hardship early in life, which include but not limited to: how to save and budget, how to prepare themselves throughout adult for adulthood, so the difference between grants and loans, and overall lack of financial knowledge.

  • Offer goal setting
  • How to manage money
  • Retirement Options and Planning
  • Investment Options and Planning
  • Increasing Income by Decreasing Debt
  • Tax Planning
  • Books, planners, workshops, seminars, and online courses to make the education easy and enjoyable
  •  Identify the needs of your company
  • Get initial information to gauge not only need to learn, also but what you want to learn more about
  • Make customized and affordable plans to accommodate your company
  • Help execute what will be the best delivery method for you to become successful
  • Have measurable surveys to track success rates of programs
  • How to budget
  • Offer different and attainable ways to save
  • Provides college preparation insight
  • Encourages economic power through entrepreneurship
  • Templates to become successful